Gift Box- Water Bowl Offering

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A gift box inspired by the The Seven Water Bowl Offerings, to send Welcome to a loved one


  • Stoneware Rock Vessel (measures approx 4.5"- 4.75" x 2")
  • Box of 4 pressed Palo Santo bars from Incausa
  • Packet of Coarse Sand
  • Matchbook
  • Organic Chimes Ginger Chew
  • Brass Tibetan Jingle Bell
  • Poster
  • Water Bowl Offering Painting Postcard
  • Ratsnake Studio Sticker

The seven offerings are presented to the deities as an honored guest would be welcomed to one’s house. The first bowl contains water for drinking. The second bowl contains water for washing the feet. The third bowl holds fresh flowers in the custom of offering a garland. The fourth bowl holds incense to please the sense of smell. The fifth bowl, a candle to represent the illumination of wisdom. The sixth bowl contains rosewater for refreshing the face and the seventh bowl contains delicious food. Lastly, an eighth offering of music, represented here by a conch shell.

'The Water Bowl painting was done by me and my daughter in 2006, who was three at the time. It's a beloved painting of mine.' MQ

Hand made in NYC

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