Custom: Astrological Discs Marigold

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Custom Astrological Discs wall hanging with choice of 1 to 6 astrological constellations with Full Moon Marigold

Each disc is hand painted with the constellation of an astrological sign & the name of the sign written on the back

Assembled with waxed whipping twine and hemp rope

Astrology disc measures approximately 6.25"

Bottom disc measures approximately 4.5"

Length measures approximately:

  • Astro 1- 11.5"
  • Astro 2- 18.5"
  • Astro 3- 26"
  • Astro 4- 33"
  • Astro 5- 40"
  • Astro 6- 47"

Nail, hook, or wood wall mount available separately

How-to Order:

  • Select the the number of astrological signs/discs
  • When checking out leave us a note specifying
      • the astrological sign(s)
        • the order (top to bottom)

          *Please note that because this is a custom item it is not eligible for return or exchange

          Handmade in NY

          Hand made in NYC

          All items ship in 4-8 weeks, please contact us to inquire about immediate delivery

          Thank you!