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A single strand of 6 stoneware layered Sunrise Shells in Marigold and Yellow

Knotted together with twine and assembled on hemp rope, this piece ships with nail wall mount

Measures approximately 26"

Handmade in NY

40% of the purchase price benefits Every Mother Counts because:

303,000 women die around the world as a result of complications of pregnancy and childbirth, every year THAT’S 1 WOMAN EVERY 2 MINUTES

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Every Mother Counts was born from the recognition that not all childbearing people enjoy the same access and privilege when it comes to maternity care. We understand that racial, social and geopolitical inequalities fuel maternal health disparities around the world. Tackling these inequities guides our work around the world and in the United States, where Black women remain 3x more likely to die from pregnancy and childbirth related causes than their white counterparts

For the last decade, our work in the U.S. has focused on partnering with Black and Indigenous community-based organizations that are combating racism to achieve birth justice. These incredible groups have long been leaders in the fight to eliminate racial disparities in maternal health, and to ensure every mother experiences quality, respectful and culturally-appropriate maternity care.

Nail wall mount available separately

Handmade in NY

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Hand made in NYC

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