I make ceramic art & objects for the home and garden. The pieces become a canvas for my love of drawing, painting, text and color. Many of the objects and images are rooted in the visual symbols of Eastern iconography- their meaning and beauty of which I am continuously in awe. 

Impermanence & interconnection are ideas that I return to often, drawing inspiration from the writings and teachings of Buddhism and it’s extensive visual language. I understand the meanings to be universal and independent of religious attachments.

Clay forms are hand built or thrown on the wheel and all images are hand painted. The work is then fired in a gas kiln to 2350 degrees. Other materials used include hand-dyed cotton, hemp rope and reclaimed wood.

Alongside the ceramics is a small collection of sterling silver and 18K gold jewelry- ‘The Eye, The Sun, The Moon and The Stars’. Eyes & stars radiate with engraved lines. Crescent moons and stars are set with white or earth-toned rosecut diamonds and tiny turquoise cabochons reflecting ‘the ocean in the sky’.

A First Nations artist once said to me ‘Everything we need to know is in the sky’ and sometimes when you look at the sky it can cut straight down to the bone. It is this moment, in the midst of it all, that I try to convey. My hope is that my work serves both as objects of contemplation and as a source of encouragement, inspiring reverence... but a little irreverence can go a long way- and don’t forget the rock n’ roll...