General Install for Wall Hangings

Please note that these are general guidelines ONLY. 

Wall hangings placement may need to be adjusted to accommodate the weight of the curtain based upon wall type and stud location while using appropriate anchors. MQuan Studio is not liable for any damage done during or after installation.

Parts to unpack:

  • Bar
  • Wall Mounts
  • Strands- For tapered or uneven works, strands will be numbered from left to right

Wall Placement:

  • Using the longest strand and the bar to determine bar placement on the wall
  • Anchor brackets
  • Hang bar

Assembling strands onto bar:

  • If the strands are long, drape the bulk of strand over your shoulder to support the weight, but leave some swag in the front to work with the strand

  • Slide strand onto bar
  • Holding the knot at the bottom of the loop, rotate upwards and while gently lifting the bar slide the strand past the bracket
  • Although the wood bar is flexible, lift only enough to slide width of strands past bracket


 Continue till all strands are assembled