Packing Instructions


UPS and other carriers will ONLY insure damage in transit due to their own mishandling or loss, ie.  when the box shows visible damage.  MQuan Studio will not be able to refund returned work that is broken in transit due to insufficient packing. Please reach out if you are unsure about packing, we are happy to help!

  • Wrapping ceramic objects:
    • Save and use the original packing material when possible
    • Tightly wrap & seal the ceramic work, it should not be able to shift over move inside the wrapping 
    • Wrap each piece separately
    • Add additional packing material when needed to protect the work
  • Wall Hangings- Curtains & PLT's:
    • Pinched discs or shells- Accordion stack the discs with paper in between each ceramic component
    • Roll stack in either bubble or corrugated cardboard. The roll needs to be tight. The pieces cannot clank or move around inside the roll or they will break  
    • Porcelain Featherbones- wrap these separately in bubble wrap- these are very fragile and break easily 
  • Packing the box:
    • Line the bottom of the box with 3” peanuts/packing material 
    • Place the wrapped ceramic piece/s in the center of the box with peanuts surrounding on all sides. Cover top with packing peanuts. Make sure none of the work is right up against any side of the box.
    • If you have multiple pieces, leave a little space between them, filled with packing material 
    • Use LOTS of packing material, it should be like trying to close an overstuffed suitcase. The idea is that you when UPS is throwing that package around, and the packing material compresses and settles, there is still not room for the ceramic pieces to shift in the box. 
    • Please clearly write the RA# on the outside of the box, unauthorized returns will not be accepted. Once the work has arrived in good condition, a refund will be issued   
  • Send to the MQuan Studio address specified via UPS, insured for the full value, and send tracking to us at 

Thank you!