The Humble Pot Project

The Humble Pot Project

What: The Humble Pot Project is a charitable & collaborative based pinch pot workshop/sit-in created & lead by Michele Quan of MQuan Studio. A pinch pot is a beautiful thing to make and to hold. With no experience necessary and no tools other than your hands, we can make something out of clay.

Why: We gather to make a simple & humble pot for us and for others, in an exercise of opening, giving & receiving.

How: Check below for dates of workshops. Participants will pay a small material & firing fee to the studio plus a workshop fee. 100% of the participant fee is donated to a charity or cause.

About: In learning to work with clay we begin with a pot pinched with our hands. It is here that we are introduced to the materials adaptability, plasticity and limitations. There is this beautiful moment of joy & focus I’ve both experienced and witnessed while making these simple pots. In The Humble Pot Project we come together to make these pots for ourselves and our communities. 


OCT 1, 2022- Hosted by Melissa Joy Manning, NYC to benefit Planned Parenthood

APRIL 5, 2019- Hosted by Gasworks, Brooklyn to benefit Public Ceramics

MARCH 31, 2019- Hosted at MQuan Studio in Brooklyn to benefit Smile Train