Candle: Glass & Votive

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Thick walled glass holder:

  • Bottom diameter 2.25" / top diameter 2.5"; height 2.5" / interior diameter is 1.87"

Single 100% beeswax votive candle: 

  • Burn time: ~15 hours (in a fitted holder)
  • Cotton wick
  • Non-toxic & hypoallergenic
  • Lead-free, paraffin-free, metal-free
  • Measures approximately 1.75" x 2"

All votives should be burned in a heat resistant container just wide enough to fit the votive and no larger. Votives are designed to develop a molten pool which fills the container. Using too wide a container will allow the wax to spread out and go unburned, radically shortening the overall burn time.

    Learn more about Bluecorn Beeswax HERE

    Can be used for:

    Candle Lantern Constellations

    Candle Tdrop Constellations


    Hand made in NYC

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