Curtains and PLT's are wall hanging made of knotted components. Both use the same components- Pinched Discs or Shells, Press Beads, Rings. They can be knotted side to side, or layered. 


  • Ordered size specific by Width x Length dimensions
  • Width is an approximate measurement of the ceramic portion width
  • Length is an approximate measurement from the top of the bar to the bottom of the last ceramic component
  • Bars for curtains are 1' longer than the width ie. A 2' wide curtain will assemble on a 3' long bar
  • All curtains require installation assembly
  • Strand spacing by component for curtains here
    • Weights per square foot here


      • PLT wall hangings are a set configuration and assembled by components, not to size, therefore sizes are listed but will vary slightly
      • PLT's require installation assembly & specs by style are listed here. Note that the spacing for PLT's is different than the spacing for the curtains. See each individual style

      Install Info:

        • Layered components & macrame wall hangings have a 'bunny ear' loop that slides on the bar. These arrive taped in place, but if the loop needs to be established, instructions can be found here for discs/shells and macrame
          • Layered shells & layered discs sometimes 'kink' when first installed. A video for straightening them can be found here
            • Screws & Anchors are NOT shipped with wall mounts to insure that appropriate screws and anchors are used for the type of wall that the wall hanging is mounted on

                    Wall Mount info: 

                    • Wood wall mounts are assembled with key hole hanger hardware. Use an appropriate wall anchor and one size 8 flathead screw, minimum 1-1/4" in length. We do not recommend using the wood wall mounts for wall hangings larger than 6 Square Feet
                    • Iron & brass brackets have 2- 1/4" hole per bracket 
                      • Use at least a size 8 x 1-1/4" flathead screw.
                      • Please consult with professionals in regards to choosing correct anchors & screws for wall type
                    • How many wall mounts per wall hanging?:
                      • 2.5' wide and under- 2 wall mounts
                      • 3' to 3.5' wide- For outside placement use 3 wall mounts. For inside placement use 2 wall mounts
                      • 4' wide and over- use 1 wall mount per 2' sections
                    • Wall mounts can be placed on the outside of hanging or within: