Every Mother Counts: Astrological Discs / Marigold

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40% of the purchase price of these custom astrological stoneware discs will be donated to Every Mother Counts

Choose your choice of astrological constellation/s to be assembled with a Marigold Sun

Assembled with 2mm & 4mm hemp rope

Measures approximately:

  • Astrology Disc - 6.25"
  • Bottom Disc - 4.5"
  • 1 Disc + Sun Disc - 12" / 17"
  • 2 Discs + Sun Disc - 19" / 24"
  • 3 Discs + Sun Disc - 26" / 31"
  • 4 Discs + Sun Disc - 33" / 38"
  • 5 Discs + Sun Disc - 40" / 45"
  • 6 Discs + Sun Disc - 46" / 51"

      How to Order:

      • Select the set number of astrological discs, not including the bottom marigold disc
      • When checking out please fill out order note specifying the astrological constellations and the order to assemble them, from top to bottom

        *Custom orders not available for returns or exchanges

        Hook or wood wall mounts are not included and available separately

        Handmade in NY

        Why I support Every Mother Counts

        Right after I gave birth to my daughter in 2003, I saw a photo on the front page of the NYTimes of a woman holding and looking at her baby in a town far, far, away. I felt that same love. Same.

        At 40, I planned to birth at a hospital, then changed mid pregnancy to the Elizabeth Seton birthing center in NYC. But 3 months before my due date, Elizabeth Seton, the only free standing birthing center in NYC, closed due to insurance escalation costs. I was then able to birth at home with a midwife. My health insurance company gave me the run around initially, but eventually they covered the cost. I was lucky. I had choices, support, and insurance during one of the most vulnerable and deeply meaningful events in my life.

        Please join me in supporting the work of Every Mother Counts.

        Every Mother Counts works to achieve quality, respectful, and equitable maternity care for every mother, everywhere.

        EMC advances evidence-based strategies to address the global maternal health crisis and improve maternal health outcomes and the experience of care for all, with the overarching goals to strengthen community-centered care and diversify the maternity care workforce:

        1. EMC raises awareness about the maternal health crisis through education, storytelling, media, and campaigns.
        2. EMC invests in community-led solutions with the potential of high impact.
        3. EMC advocates for critical systems change.

        Since 2010, Every Mother Counts has been working to build a world where maternal health truly is a human right.

        • Through EMC’s community-based partners, the organization has supported more than 1.5 million women, families, and health care providers.
        • EMC has invested over $42 million to advance maternal health across its awareness raising, grantmaking to support community-led solutions, and advocacy efforts.
        • Across all EMC’s programs, the organization has engaged hundreds of thousands of individuals to advance maternal health and birth equity around the world.
        • 371,210 Mothers receiving skilled reproductive or maternity care.
        • 479,218 Infants and children receiving services.
        • 104,339 mothers transported to a health facility to receive care.


        Hand made in NYC

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