PLT1 Four Rainbow Shells

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SOLD OUT. Many many thanks to everyone who contributed. Be safe and well. XO, Michele

In collaboration with Seeding Sovereignty in their efforts to support Indigenous communities during this global pandemic I am offering a numbered, limited edition of 100 strands of 4 Rainbow Shells. Assembled on waxed twine, polished hemp rope and ships with an iron nail.

Measures approximately 20" total, including rope.

100% of the proceeds of this piece will provide water, food & PPE specifically for the Elders of the Navajo, Apache, and Pueblo communities in New Mexico. The Elders sustain the communities, ways of knowing and provide grandparent medicine. 

Painted with indigo representing the night sky in its deepest moment, red for the energy and heat of fire, orange of turning & transformation and golden yellow the rebirth of the emerging sun. 

Dana Claxton, a Hunkpapa Lakota filmmaker, photographer & performance artist in my hometown of Vancouver BC purchased one of my first garlands in 2010 painted with clouds of the night sky clouds and said, ‘Everything we need to know is in the sky’. I have always remembered that.

*Pieces will ship 8-10 weeks from studio open date, scheduled May 1st, but TBD.

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Hand made in NYC

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